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Model: CH1003
  • High-strength aluminum arm partially resets after each cycle so cocking requires less force
  • Adjustable tension spring allows throws up to 50 yards
  • Finger pull trigger allows for point-and-shoot target throws
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Model: 40976
  • Three-pack holds standard clay targets for interactive shooting fun
  • Easy to pack and use just about anywhere
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Model: 40915
  • Throws standard size clays
  • Can throw clays left or right handed
  • Ergonomic grip design
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Model: 40906
  • Throws Mini, Midi and Standard clays
  • Throws doubles stacked or side by side
  • Professional grade 70-yard range
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Model: 40901
  • Throws one or two clays
  • Simple pull of the string to discharge
  • Spring tension reload
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