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Model: 40932
  • Fun interactive way to practice shooting skill
  • Durable stand holds nine VisiChalk targets
  • Includes 18 VisiChalk targets and three extra holders
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Model: 40901
  • Balanced design delivers all regulation clay targets to challenging distances
  • A target clip ensures secure placement and a consistent flight path
  • Legs are designed to be staked in the ground or mounted on a tire
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Model: 40906
  • One-way clutch allows inertia of the arm to carry it to about an 8 o'clock
  • position for easy loading
  • Throws mini-, midi- and standard-sized clays from an easy-loading height
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Model: 40915
  • Easily throws standard size clays left- or right-handed
  • Ergonomic grip design
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Model: 40976
  • Three-pack holds standard clay targets for interactive shooting fun
  • Easy to pack and use just about anywhere
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