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Model: 40927
  • 60 Count clay stack
  • Improved, quick throw motor with <1.5s cycle time
  • Battery cart storage and transportation
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Model: 40926
  • Throws both standard or midi clays
  • Adjustable to multiple throwing angles (10-50 degrees)
  • Custom cart for ease of transportation
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Model: 40923
  • Can pair multiple traps with one remote
  • Fits Workhorse and WB traps from 2017 to present
  • Programmable delay
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Model: 40924
  • Fits Champion Wheelybird 2.0 (and Wheelybirds made after 2019), Workhorse and FreedomBird traps
  • Throws in random patterns for hunting simulation
  • Trap not included
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Model: 40921
  • Fits electronic Champion trap minus Easybird
  • Weather protects your electronic trap
  • Made of heavy duty-nylon
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Model: 40916
  • Compact, Portable Design
  • Throws targets up to 75 yards
  • 50 Clay Magazine
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Model: 40909
  • Compact and lightweight design is easy to store and load in-and-out of a vehicle
  • Quick, 2-second cycle time for continuous action
  • Throws both 108mm (standard) or 110mm clays with detachable 50-clay magazine
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