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Model: 40910
Price reduced from $573.56 to $485.99
10% Off
  • Lightweight and portable trap weighs approximately 45 lbs. and operates off deep-cycle battery
  • Detachable 50-clay, single-stack magazine accepts standard 108mm or International 110mm clays
  • Adjustable throwing range from 55 to 65 yards
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Model: 40913
50% Off
  • Clay position moves right and left with Oscillating Base attachment
  • Two arc setting (45 and 34.28 degrees for ATA competition)
  • Quick disconnect power cord
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Model: 45322
  • Detachable 100-clay, double-stack magazine accepts 108mm or 110mm clays
  • Throws ATA singles and doubles from 35 to 50 yards
  • Comes with 50-foot release cord with pedal release and three-legged stand
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Model: 40911
  • Removable six-stack magazine holds 150 standard 108mm or international 110mm clays
  • Available with or without EasyBird® Oscillating Base
  • Comes with 50-foot release cord with pedal release
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