Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek

Hometown: Princeton, LA

Shooting Since: Started shooting competition in 1976.

Who introduced you to the sport? A local shooter named Ben Ashmore. I met him shooting steel plates at the local range (dump).

Favorite Shooting Memory: Setting four World Revolver Speed Shooting records in July, 1999.

How did you get into competing? I shot for fun all my life. In the mid '70's I started going to local practical handgun matches and caught the competition bug.

What do you shoot? (3 gun/precision, etc.) Primarily multi-gun competitions.

How do you prepare for a competition? I work on specific skills relating to the particular match I will be attending, always focusing on my weaknesses.

What’s your longest shot? I have made several 1,000 yard shots with revolvers.

What is your best piece of advice for new shooters? Buy a quality firearm and lots of ammunition. Practice makes perfect!

Top Accomplishments:

  • Six speed shooting World Records
  • Twenty-One consecutive International Revolver Confederation Championships
  • IPSC Lifetime Achievement Award